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Hi all,

I've been thinking about how using Wordpress to host our academic catalog may be a good next step.  Clark's catalog (www.clarku.edu/academiccatalog/<http://www.clarku.edu/academiccatalog/> )  is a custom system that was coded from scratch in ColdFusion/MSSQL.  The administrative back end lets specific authors access/edit content only for their particular academic department.  So, in order for me to even consider doing something similar with WP, I'd need to have the capability to restrict authors to certain "areas" or categories which would correspond to their academic programs.  I've been looking for a plugin that would apply such a restriction, but so far haven't come across anything like it - and I haven't seen this as the default functionality in Wordpress 2.7.

Thanks for any suggestions!

Chuck Wyatt


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