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Chuck Wyatt CWyatt at clarku.edu
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Hey Mark,

We have Akismet, but I've also played a bit with "Raven's Antispam" which uses javascript to display the "submit" button.  If no javascript then sort of a simple text captcha appears.  I'm not sure how effective that will be for the long term, but I think a lot of folks find captchas can be pretty frustrating.



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Hi all,

I'm just wondering what other institutions are using for their blog
comment spam protection; Are you paying for Akismet? Paying for
something else? Or using one or more of the free plugins?

Also, there's a debate raging here over whether all blogs should use the
same basic theme or all the blogs can look different (I'm in the looking
different camp, blogs should have individual personality IMO). Any
similar debates happened elsewhere? What was the outcome?


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