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Muro, Matthew mmuro at advance.ua.edu
Tue Apr 14 16:53:28 GMT 2009

"What would you say was the step of this project that took the longest?"

Having never developed a Wordpress site before, I found that I spent the most time figuring out the functions as well as all the little intricacies that aren't documented well.  After becoming initiated, I moved into all of the custom features we wanted and/or needed.  That is probably what took the longest.

"What would you do differently?"

I would probably find some book or video that walked me through all aspects of developing for Wordpress.  I probably made the mistake of diving right into it without some kind of preparation.  But, I now know more about Wordpress than I ever would have expected when starting this project, so I chalk it up to a great learning experience.

Matthew Muro
Web Developer
UA Office of Web Communications

I am jealous. Congrats!  WordPress really is a neat little system and I think it's well worth the work.  What would you say was the step of this project that took the longest?  What would you do differently?

I am checking out your blog too. Handy stuff, thanks!

Velda Christensen
Geeky Mom redoing her kids' school site
My site: www.novapages.com<http://www.novapages.com>
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