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Brad Mitchell bradmitchell at missouristate.edu
Wed Nov 19 19:58:30 GMT 2008

We¹re currently using WPMU to host a number of individual blogs within the
university, based off of a similar theme we¹re using on all of them. Users
have access to change anything within the blog they wish, save for the theme
template. A few good examples:

..and of course the blog for my office at

(full list at http://blogs.missouristate.edu)

We¹re also in the planning stages for a few other university sites what will
be using WPMU as a backend but more as a CMS, and less as a blog. I¹m
custom-building all of these higher-level sites as needed. I¹ll share these
once some of them start going live...


Brad Mitchell
New Media Producer, Web and New Media, Missouri State University
bradmitchell at missouristate.edu| 417.836.5668 | 417.836.5118 (fax)

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