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Maybe I'm just tired of WordPress. Probably that's it, sorry to
kneejerk---the days are shorter now, and food is scarce.

Most search for more...


On Tue, Nov 18, 2008 at 11:38 PM, Douglas Hanna <doug at automattic.com> wrote:
> Hi Jim,
> Thanks for your email and you do have a valid point.
> This list serves as a place to discuss WordPress in education. On a
> broader level, it is a place to discuss how technology (specfically
> blogging) can be used in education.
> This list definitely isn't here to push Automattic or WordPress down
> anyone's throat by any means. Of course, we want to promote WordPress
> in education and make it viable for education, but we want to do that
> within the scope of the community. With this list, we're hoping that
> people can share ideas, best practices, etc. and just get a
> conversation going around blogging and education. I think the rest of
> the "magic" happens from there.
> The idea behind the document I suggested is not to replace anything
> we're doing or the community is doing, but instead to help it. From my
> experience in education and from what I have heard, educators
> (particularly administrators) are often hesitant to implement
> WordPress in the classroom or on their campus for any number of
> reasons. Them knowing more about WordPress, who uses it, how it's
> used, etc. is a good way to help reduce or eliminate that hesitation.
> Having a document that any campus or school advocate can easily show
> or send to that person in doubt can be helpful and at the very least,
> saves the "convincer" time and energy.
> Personally, I think anything that brings more educators, campuses, and
> classrooms into the blogosphere and onto WordPress benefits the
> WordPress for education community. It is more ideas that can be
> shared, more people to help develop plugins and create best practices,
> more students that can learn about and benefit from blogging, etc.
> This proposed document is certainly not formalizing WordPress as a
> product or limiting what we can or should discuss here. If anything,
> it is providing us with a jumping off point for further discussion.
> Let me know if you still have any doubts or concerns. I'd be more than
> happy to explain or address them.
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