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I'd be interested to know what you think one would be doing with a blog that would require that level of recording keeping and auditing.  At my University we have WPMU running a few dozen blogs with various levels of activity but typically it's teams such as mine - Web Services who manage our websites - blogging about the work they're doing, what they're looking at and basically using it to improve communication with other interested people.

I can understand that using blogs for teaching and learning would add extra requirements for ensuring that student work was properly archived but merely having a few blogs isn't that dangerous.

Or maybe I'm crazy brave?!


>>> "John BLAHUSIAK" <j.blahusiak at ecu.edu.au> 11/08/08 9:25 AM >>>
I am surprised to hear that Wordpress would be implemented in Universities.  In the UK and Australia and I suspect other jurisdictions the record keeping requirements on Universities are onerous -- primarily as a result of direct and indirect legislative requirements (for instance, Records FOI, Privacy acts etc).

I can how Wordpress and associated tools would be of use in relation to facilitating conversations across Universites.  But as far as I can gather there is not a record keeping module for Wordpress -- to allow easy porting into common electronic document management software.

Essentially every time a user hit publish or comment they would be either creating a new record or a new version of an existing record.  Without a link to University electronic document management systems institutional websites would seem crazy brave.

John Blahusiak
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