[wp-edu] Sites vs Blogs vs Domains in mu

Velda velda at novapages.com
Thu Nov 6 04:23:57 GMT 2008

Douglas Hanna wrote:
> You'll probably get better answers to that question here:
> http://mu.wordpress.org/docs/
> or here: http://mu.wordpress.org/forums/
> This list is more about using WordPress (MU or not) for education and
> how to get the most out of it.
Actually I didn't find the answer it in either place -- I'd looked for 
information on that setting before I posted, as common sense and common 
courtesy would dictate.   I didn't find an answer (maybe didn't get the 
right search terms, and the readme didn't mention it), so I thought 
someone here might know given how well mu applies to edu. setups.

As sheepish I'm feeling to have wandered so far off topic that Douglas 
here had to set me straight, I'm more embarrassed now on figuring out 
the answer. I'll still share it anyway though in case anyone else is as 
silly a newbie to MU (for Edu) as I am.  If someone stumbles across the 
archive with the same issue:   I'd apparently breezed right past the 
radio button on setup that lets one choose to use subdirectories instead 
of subdomains.  Reinstalling -- and paying more attention this time 
around -- solved my problem. I'd imagine there's a switch hiding 
somewhere in the db or a config file that would have done the trick 
nicely too.

My quick intro:  my day job is web hosting; I also blog a little, and I 
do volunteer work at my kids' charter school.  I have been trying to get 
the school to migrate to wordpress because of WP's back-end simplicity 
(something the over-worked teachers need) and strong sense of 
community.  The tech team there has just recently agreed to give me the 
go-ahead.   So I'm trying to make that work now, and after several 
scrapped attempts, was quite happy to find this list.  Hopefully I can 
pull it off, and in the process maybe learn enough that I'll be able to 
give back a little.  :-)


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