[wp-edu] Advocacy

Chris Hajer chrishajer at gmail.com
Thu Nov 6 04:02:11 GMT 2008

Can anyone point to any advocacy resources online that support using
WordPress in education?  I have run across multiple organizations, in
government and education specifically, who feel that if it's free (as
in beer) there must be something wrong with it.  If they're not paying
a huge up front cost and a big license fee every year, there must be
something wrong.  It's unnatural for them NOT pay for these things
(and equally unnatural to me to pay for them).  Many companies exist
to sell solutions to municipalities and school districts, but who is
going to make the case for Open Source solutions like WordPress? As a
taxpayer, I think it's irresponsible for my school district or local
government to pay for a CMS when there are so many good free ones out
there (well, the only one I can really recommend is WordPress, and
yes, I refer to it as a CMS.)

So, what experiences have you had *selling* WordPress for use in education?

Chris Hajer

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