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Chris Hajer chrishajer at gmail.com
Thu Nov 6 01:14:25 GMT 2008

Hello all.  This list could not have come at a better time.  I was recently
awarded a project for a local elementary school district.  There are five
schools in all.  The initial focus of the revised site will be a new website
for the district and the board of education, then a new site for each
school.  After that initial work is done, we'll be creating individual
classroom sites, something like 100 classroom sites/pages.  The teachers
currently use Apple iWeb to create their sites and upload them with FTP.
There is a link on the individual school page to their personalized space.
I am not sure if we'll be retaining that, or converting them all over to
WordPress.  If we convert to WordPress, we'd need a way to allow them some
freedom with the design, as they have now with iWeb.

I'm looking forward to learning more from other's experiences, especially
with WPMU.  I've done 30 or 40 websites so far with WordPress, but none with
MU, and I'm not sure if it makes sense to start with MU here, planning for
the inevitibility of all the classroom sites going to WordPress.  I maintain
my WordPress installations with subversion now, and it's not too bad, but
doing the same thing with 100+ sites might be a bit of a challenge.  One
code base definitely sounds better to me.

Chris Hajer
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