[wp-edu] Sites vs Blogs vs Domains in mu

Brian Layman Brian at b5media.com
Wed Nov 5 21:54:18 GMT 2008

There are several basic terms that become confusing when talking about mu.
It seems like this list might have a lot of mu discussion.  So, I'm going to
through this out there.

The first is "Site"
A site for WPmu is a network of blogs that are connected at some level by a
single domain and are managed together as a group.  You can have a virtually
unlimited number of sites (blog networks) each with a virtually unlimited
number of blogs. Across each site you can control themes that are available
to each of the blogs.  You can also have plugins that are automatically
active on all of your sites. In most mu installs, there is only one site
used and you may not ever need to use this term. Individual blogs are
reached from http://blogname.sitedomain.com/ or
http://sitedomain.com/blogname/. That is, through sub-domains or

The second is "Blog"
Just as with any other standard WordPress blog, this is an individual blog
with its own content, settings and users.  In WPmu every blog is a member of
a site. A user one one blog can have a different or identical role on
another blog.  So Matt might admin one blog and subscribe to an another OR
be an admin for the main site and be able to administrate the settings for
each of the blogs on the network.

The third term is "Domain"
Each site has a Domain.  Blogs have urls that are variants on that domain.
It is possible to have the blogs have a domain that is differs from the
domain of the site. However that involves the use of a recently developed
plugin (last month) and there are some difficulties involved in making the
source code match the primary domain and in maintaining the changes if you
enter certain areas of the site admin.
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