[wp-edu] Wordpress vs Wordpress MU for a school website?

Gowtham wordpress at sgowtham.net
Wed Nov 5 21:07:53 GMT 2008


I second Jim's suggestion. I had implemented WPMU for Humanities
department intructors in Michigan Tech a while ago. Though the
hope was that there would hundreds of users, reality was that
we only got about 15 users to register and use it for teaching

I have now set it up for a friend who writes three blogs - trust
Jim (and me), it's lot easier to update (WP and plugins and themes)
in WPMU than in 10 different installations of WP.


On Wed, 5 Nov 2008, James Groom wrote:

| Velda,
| Even if it is ten different sites, it would be a lot of work to update
| and keep th plugins consistent for ten separate wordpress install.  I
| would recommend simply for ease of updating and installing several
| sites within one install.  However, if you are going to try and make
| several department sites on one blog that is different.
| Best,
| Jim
| On Wed, Nov 5, 2008 at 2:25 PM, Velda <velda at novapages.com> wrote:
| > Hi all, or whoever might be signed up so far at least....  Is anyone else in
| > here using WordPress for an elementary school website?
| > I need to get my kids' school site off Joomla, and I'm debating whether I
| > need to go with WordPress MU so different departments can manage their own
| > stuff.  I'd definitely envisioned using multiple blogs with sub categories
| > to achieve different content management functions.  The 'hundreds of
| > thousands' of blogs bit sounds like MU would be overkill... as we need no
| > more than 10 here.  But I'm curious as to how that works.
| >
| > If anyone's got this going for their school, would you mind sharing your url
| > and your experience?
| >
| > I'm still somewhat new to WordPress, so pardon my ignorance... I'm hoping
| > I'll catch up quickly :o)  Thank you, and thanks to automattic for making
| > this list, too.
| >
| > Velda
| >
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