[wp-docs] Codex page needs to be rewritten

Lorelle VanFossen lorellevan at gmail.com
Mon Aug 17 16:56:16 UTC 2009

LOL. Be emboldened!

Just remember to follow the guidelines. Also, I would not recommend
creating a new page to tackle this issue but edit the current one to
match the new procedures.

WordPress has taken a strong stance now in NOT supporting "old"
versions and I've taken that to mean no more than a couple steps back,
and certainly not going back beyond 2.6 at this stage. This makes the
old page completely void and yet the title still is valid.

Just change the content within the static page article to reflect
current usage, with all the links in the right places to other
documents. And go for it! :D


I'm working on a list of out-dated docs that I will be posting soon.


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