[wp-accessibility] Accessible admin skin

Jane Wells jane at automattic.com
Wed Sep 9 21:29:43 UTC 2009

Hi there. We've been talking about creating an admin skin (like the  
color scheme option under profile) that would be easier to use for  
people with disabilities. Obviously we want the entire admin to be  
accessible, but in some cases it's not specifically accessibility...  
things like small click targets *work* but are harder to hit for some  
people. We were thinking this admin skin would do things like show the  
action links on edit.php persistently instead of on row hover, spell  
out some things we currently use symbols to represent (like View Post  
instead of # for permalink access), make it higher contrast, use  
bigger fonts, etc.

Instead of just having a single person create this, it seemed like a  
good project to try and bring together some of our more accessibility- 
minded community members. I figure there's room for participation in  
this mini-project to: identify issues in the current admin design,  
mock up the new alternate design, code the css, and test the heck out  
of the new skin to be sure it does the job well (with a repeat of  
previous steps as needed). This list seemed like the right place to  
start. Would anyone here be interested in volunteering for this project?

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