[spam-stopper] What preparatory steps should I take to use Akismet (PHP4) on a commercial system?

Dan Green dan at bringtheblog.com
Wed Jul 4 14:05:52 UTC 2007

Hi, everyone.  I did my best to check the archives for an answer but didn't
see anything.  Sorry if this is an "old topic" around these parts.
I have a commercial blogging platform on which I'd like to add Akismet.
Assuming that an unlimited amount of blogs can be hosted by our collective
user base, which license Akismet license is most appropriate, and will I be
able to use one WordPress API key to serve all of the hosted blogs?  Is
there anything else I should consider?
Our system runs on PHP and mySQL.  
Thank you for your time, everyone.  I really do appreciate it.
Best regards, 
Dan Green
Bring the Blog
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