[spam-stopper] Spike in wordpress "compliment" spam.

Jaanus Kase jaanus.kase at skype.net
Thu Apr 26 21:06:57 UTC 2007

I've been getting similar "compliment spam" for ages. I've yet to figure 
out what it means. In case of email spam, the theory was that it's used 
to poison bayesian/content filters - if you marked them as spam, regular 
mails would also be spam since they contain similar words, and thus 
you'd be forced to turn off the filter.. I've yet to understand why they 
are doing it in the blog space - maybe similar - to "poison" 
Akismet-like global public filters?


Dirk Haun wrote:
> mike waggoner wrote:
>> Compliments, 100s of them..  I'm unsure what the goal is with these..
>> Lots of repetition.
> We got similar ones (not on WordPress, mind you). The current theory is
> that it's more of a broken spam bot. It's either missing the actual
> payload or it's expecting a separate field for the URL somewhere.
> bye, Dirk
> P.S. <http://spam.tinyweb.net/article.php/angry-compliments>

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