[spam-stopper] social bookmark spam filtering with akismet

John Manoogian III (jm3) jm3 at jm3.net
Wed Apr 25 21:31:43 UTC 2007

i know that some social bookmarking sites use akismet to filter out spam
links - as the developer/maintainer of such a site myself, i'm wondering if
akismet developers recommend this approach? here is how i would populate the
arguments of the API call:

  - this would be a username, not a human name

  - this would be blank, since we don't require a homepage url for signup

  -- this would either be blank, or identical to the comment_content

  - this would be the submitted bookmark URL. i could append some heuristics
(number of bookmarks, age of account, etc), but i'm not sure that would help
akismet because it would have no semantics associated with the values.

   - i would use the user's homepage on Feed Me Links here.

  - this would be "bookmark"

would using Akismet in this way be appropriate / useful?

thanks in advance,


john manoogian III (jm3)
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