[spam-stopper] lyceum

Shane Bishop sbishop at trinitybiblecollege.edu
Wed Apr 26 20:24:10 UTC 2006

We're looking at deploying lyceum (a multi-user derivative of 
wordpress), and we need a good spam plugin. I've installed it, and it 
appears to be active, but my question is this: How do I know it is 
working properly?
I tried leaving a comment that I thought would be 'spammy' enough, but 
it went through anyway. I can move comments to the 'spam' section, so 
obviously, some of the plugin is functioning correctly, but so far, 
nothing is getting caught, so I don't know for sure.

Is there a good way to monitor this, or do I just have to 'wait and 
see'? JJB (from lyceum) has already agreed to help me out with getting 
it working (if it doesn't), but I currently have no idea of how to test 
this out. Help, please!

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