[spam-stopper] List of required fields?

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Wed Oct 26 21:11:12 UTC 2005


>We do discard some things from $_SERVER, like SERVER_PORT and PATH, but 
>the vast majority of it is highly useful.

Hmm, how so? My server configuration shouldn't have any relation to the
spam I'm getting.

>You can remove almost 
>everything except the basic comment information and it should work, but 
>it won't be nearly as effective.

Oh, I'll happily send along everything I get from the user agent, with
the exception of the cookies and possibly the email address. Bad
Behavior demonstrates quite nicely how that information can be used

On a somewhat related note: I have a suspicion that over here in
Germany, I may actually be required by law to inform my users that their
data is sent to some other server (have to look into that). Just as a
reminder that these issues shouldn't be treated lightly ...

bye, Dirk


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