[spam-stopper] Going live and testimonials needed

rich boakes rich at boakes.org
Tue Oct 25 09:57:37 UTC 2005

Matt Mullenweg wrote:
> Also the typos you pointed out have been fixed, and I tried to make the
> rest a little more obvious.

also just spotted...

index:  colloborative => collaborative

download: entrprise => enterprise

faq: THe => The

commercial: thottles => throttles
commercial: youv'e => you've
commercial: entrprise => enterprise (x2)

> By the way, in case I hadn't mentioned it already, all beta testers from
> this list are being set to the equivalent of an enterprise account
> within the system, free of charge of course. :)

Does this mean I have to wear a suit and shave?


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