[spam-stopper] Going live and testimonials needed

rich boakes rich at boakes.org
Tue Oct 25 08:42:21 UTC 2005

Matt Mullenweg wrote:
> I'm planning for the site to go live tomorrow afternoon, after which you
> guys can point to it freely on your blogs and everything like that. If
> you want a sneak peak, here it is:
> http://akismet.com/
> Feedback welcome!

Looks great; the design suggests
well-ordered-ness and the ability to cope
effortlessly: so thumbs up from aesthetic POV.

Works fine in IE6, FF1.5 and DeerPark-alpha1.

On http://akismet.com/download/ page it may not
be blindingly obvious where to get a
non-commercial key (also true for the FAQ).

Typo on : http://akismet.com/download/
"wp-content" is missing the last "t"

> As you can see, there are some blank spots for testimonials. If any of
> you have a sentence or two you would like to say to someone considering
> using Akismet, please email it to me. I would really appreciate it. :)

Be my guest with:

   "Akismet takes the wheels off
   the comment-spam gravy train."



(which will be public just as soon as I see an
akismet-is-go message)

irc: ear1grey

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