[spam-stopper] Continued failure of Zebrality.com spam to be caught

Michael Hampton error10 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 24 23:35:56 UTC 2005

I keep marking these posts as spam, and they keep failing to be
blocked. Any ideas what's going on? (The site isn't a blog; while it
does contain a link to the post, they delete the links after about an

New trackback on your post #498 "Don Young's Way and Bridge to Nowhere
still funded"
Website: Zebrality.com <http://Zebrality.com> (IP:
<> , ns1.squareonehosting.com
URI    : http://www.zebrality.com/show.php?show_id=16
<strong>Don Young's Way and Bridge to Nowhere still f...</strong>

Don Young's Way and Bridge to Nowhere still f...

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