[spam-stopper] Some spam display improvements?

Ben Gillbanks BinaryMoon at gmail.com
Mon Oct 24 20:54:29 UTC 2005


Due to some genius detective work (ok - I googled wordpress.com api key 
and the akismet plugin was second on the list)

I've installed it but don't get massive amounts of traffic so my spam is 

Anyway I was looking at the stuff it does and the spam list is obviously 
based on cjd_delete mass spam nuke plugin. I've been using that on my 
site for a while and I made some changes to make what it displays more 
useful to me.

For starters the urls often push the page out of shape so I changed the 
commenters name to a link that points to the comment url. The email 
address got turned into a link, the comment count also got turned into a 
link that displays the ip as the link title and links through to the 
arin whois page. The biggest change was adding a snippet of the comment 
content. I figured I can't make a proper assessment of whether a comment 
is spam or not if I can't see what the comment itself is. Not a problem 
when I set a comment as spam, but when wordpress automatically moderates 
posts for me it's nice to see what people are trying to sell.

In case you're interested I've uploaded my changes here : 

Thanks for your time (and the plugin).


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