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Sarah.. many thanks :)


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Just incase Matt's not around for a bit...

The post is in your database - use phpMyAdmin to view the table - probably called

either search on the users email or just sort by the id (twice, to get descending order)
and manually scan. When you find it you'll find one of the fields is set to 'spam', edit
the record and change it to a 0 (unapproved) or 1 (approved). You will then be able to see
it through the admin interface.


On 09/10/05, Mariano Amartino - uberbin.net <gott at uberbin.net> wrote: 

Matt, ive found a false positive in the database actually a commenter sent me a mail
telling me that im some sort of censor :P.
How can I recover it?

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