[spam-stopper] 11 Spams this morning

Unteins (Jason Goldsmith) unteins at somuchgeek.com
Mon Oct 3 21:20:03 UTC 2005

>> Now, what happens if the plugin fails to reach the spam service? I  
>> think in that case, the plugin should moderate the comment. I'd  
>> rather have the comments go to moderation than ever give spammers  
>> even 1 second of google page rank.
> If the service is does it just does whatever it would do with the  
> comment if the plugin didn't exist, which means if you have  
> emergent whitelisting or similar enabled it'll be held for moderation.

But if I am installing this as my one and only solution, then I may  
not have the other features activated. Just thinking out loud, but  
that's what I currently have, install plugin, turn on, that's it, no  
other setup required.

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