[HyperDB] Requst that Install the HyperDb

Jeremy Visser jeremy.visser at gmail.com
Wed Nov 5 08:54:14 GMT 2008

On Wed, 2008-11-05 at 10:02 +0900, 윤성운 wrote:
> I wonder what I update that

I found this further in the file:

        // Database servers grouped by dataset. (Totally tabular, dude!)
        // R can be 0 (no reads) or a positive integer indicating the order
        // in which to attempt communication (all locals, then all remotes)
        //dataset, partition, datacenter, R, W,             internet host:port,     internal network host:port,   database,        user,        password
        // Next line populates 'global' dataset from wp-config.php for instant compatibility. Remove it when you put your settings here.
        add_db_server('global', 0,    '', 1, 1,                        DB_HOST,                        DB_HOST,    DB_NAME,     DB_USER,     DB_PASSWORD);
        add_db_server(  'misc', 0, 'lax', 1, 1,     'misc.db.example.com:3722',     'misc.db.example.lan:3722',  'wp-misc',  'miscuser',  'miscpassword');
        add_db_server('global', 0, 'nyc', 1, 1,'global.mysql.example.com:3509','global.mysql.example.lan:3509','global-db','globaluser','globalpassword');

So it looks like you have to add some add_db_server() lines of your own.
These lines should reflect your MySQL server details, which you should
already know if you are setting up HyperDB.

If this is still too complicated, I do not recommend running HyperDB at
all. You have already said that you have got WordPress working without
HyperDB. Unless you have more than, say, 100 pageviews per second, I see
no reason for you to use HyperDB, especially if WordPress is already
working well for you.

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