[HyperDB] HyperDB Latest WPMU Trunk

Trent Adams trent.adams at gmail.com
Sat Jul 5 23:46:11 GMT 2008

Hey everyone!   I am happy to finally have signed up for this list and
report back on what I have found out.    With the recent update from
Andy in the SVN (thanks for that), I have HyperDB working with
multiple datacenters and multiple server replication on the latest
version of TRAC for WPMU (rev 1353).    I know Andy mentioned he
hadn't tested out the advanced features, but everything is working
alright for me.    I thank everyone for their work on this and
extremely happy to hear that you will be updating it against the WP
trunk now as most people here are early adapters and testers anyways
:)   I tested it quickly on the latest 2.6 beta 3 code and it worked
as well, but I am sure that doesn't surprise people :)



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