[HyperDB] Using mysql replication

Wouter Westendorp Wouter.Westendorp at ilsemedia.nl
Thu Aug 7 09:30:34 GMT 2008

Hi Andy,

Thanks for your reply.

We're now using the latest version of HyperDB with WordPress 2.2. That
works fine.

However, the current implementation does a mysql_select_db / Init DB for
each query @ r. 455-456.

If we strip these checks from the if statement, everything still works
as expected.
Is there any reason to keep this in the code?

Thanks in advance,

	Wouter Westendorp

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On Tue, Aug 5, 2008 at 10:42 AM, Wouter Westendorp
<Wouter.Westendorp at ilsemedia.nl> wrote:
> Here it fails. Since HyperDB does a SET NAMES UTF-8 query in the 
> constructor, it connects to the master, which means all following 
> queries are sent to the master too.

SET NAMES is now in db_connect. Update HyperDB to the latest version.
Check the installation instructions for changes since your version was

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