[HyperDB] Using mysql replication

Wouter Westendorp Wouter.Westendorp at ilsemedia.nl
Tue Aug 5 15:42:40 GMT 2008

We're trying to set up master / slave replication using HyperDB where
the reads should go to the slave and writes to the master.
Here it fails. Since HyperDB does a SET NAMES UTF-8 query in the
constructor, it connects to the master, which means all following
queries are sent to the master too.
We use the following settings in db-settings.php:
add_db_server('global', 0, '', 0, true, '',
'', 'xx', 'xxx', 'xxx'); // master
add_db_server('global', 0, '', 1, false, '',
'', 'xx', 'xxx', 'xxx'); // slave
Does anyone have experience with this kind of set up?
If I comment the SET NAMES query it works fine.
Thanks in advance,
    Wouter Westendorp

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