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#100: Notifications for certain actions
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Comment (by petya):

 Now that we have locale pages and good communication for releases, I think
 it's time we pushed a bit more on notifying translation editors on pending

 I think this ticket needs to be separated into two tasks:

 - Notifying translation contributors and translation editors (translators
 and validators) when new strings for translation are available in a
 - Notifying translation editors on pending strings for validation

 '''Notifications for new strings to translate'''

 We're already doing the first on Slack for WordPress.org for all who have
 joined the #Polyglots channel, but it would be a nice feature for

 My suggestion is sending an automatic weekly notification to all
 translation editors of the project and to the translation contributors who
 have translated a string on that project in the last month. An alternative
 implementation would be to only alert translation editors as they should
 be interested in that fact to begin with.

 '''Notification for new strings to validate'''

 Same suggestion - send weekly, automatically, to all translation editors
 of a project that has had translations suggested in the last week. If
 nothing was translated - no notifications.


 We can provide an unsubscribe option for the notifications in the profile
 settings of each user.

 I'd love to know what you think about this and move things along, now that
 Marko has a bit more time for the project :)

 Will put it for discussion during the Polyglots meeting on Wednesday too.

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