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#462: Make GlotPress a plugin?
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Comment (by webaware):

 +1 GlotPress as a WordPress plugin.

 * immediately picks up a larger framework that more programmers are
 familiar with
 * extensible user management (e.g. I use Gravity Forms for user
 registrations to GlotPress)
 * easier security patch distribution through automatic updates (not
 trivial, very important!)
 * more easily customisable theme and wide variety of pre-built themes
 * single-sign-on integration with WordPress and WordPress multisite
 becomes a non-issue

 Saying that all of this "can be built" into GlotPress is fine, but it
 takes time / effort / willingness. Reinventing wheels can be fun and even
 useful sometimes, but I don't see the upside here.

 The big downside is WordPress performance. GlotPress is smaller and
 faster, and tossing it into a WordPress installation running WooCommerce
 and a half-dozen other monster plugins will make for a very slow
 GlotPress. So don't do that. If GlotPress was a WordPress plugin, I'd
 whack it into its own site in a multisite network, perhaps with Gravity
 Forms for user rego, and a few light-weight plugins.

 Another possible issue is page caching. WordPress sites love (**need**)
 page caching. Currently, GlotPress doesn't. Well, I have NginX page
 caching in front of my GlotPress install, but I have to manually delete
 the cache files every time I approve translation submissions (no big deal,
 I'm already at a bash prompt). GlotPress as a plugin would either need to
 disable page caching on its pages, or integrate with the cache
 invalidation mechanism of each of the popular cache solutions.

 (Why am I page caching GlotPress when it's already so fast, especially
 under NginX/php-fpm? Bots.)

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