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#41: Tags
  Reporter:  MartinIQ     |      Owner:  somebody
      Type:  enhancement  |     Status:  closed
  Priority:  normal       |  Milestone:
 Component:  General      |    Version:
Resolution:  maybelater   |   Keywords:  reference comments tags filter

Comment (by MartinIQ):

 Replying to [comment:6 markoheijnen]:
 > There will be to many strings that don't have any tag that this feature
 will end up being useless.

 As I said in my  [ticket:41#comment:1 first comment], why not taking these
 informations from the reference comments? Every string should have one.
 I've recently talked about a breadcrumb navigation based on these
 references on the private P2 of the WordPress.com Translation Community.

 >>If you ask me, I’d prefer to have the “#: references” be displayed with
 every string in GlotPress instead. As GlotPress can already be searched by
 reference, I thought about adding them as some kind of breadcrumb
 >>Let’s take e.g. ''#: wp-content/mu-plugins/nux-
 >>When opening
 a string in GlotPress], a breadcrumb link would be displayed above the
 text input.
 >>  '''wp-content / mu-plugins / nux-funnel / config / flows.php:41'''
 >>Every part of the reference would be a link to start a search for this
 reference. Clicking on “wp-content” would search all strings where the
 reference starts with “wp-content”. Clicking “mu-plugins” would find all
 strings with the reference “wp-content/mu-plugins”, “nux-funnel” would be
 “wp-content/mu-plugins/nux-funnel”, … and finally “flows.php:41″ would
 find all strings with “wp-content/mu-plugins/nux-funnel/config/flows.php”.
 >>If a string has more than one reference, a drop-down menu would be
 displayed where the user can pick the right reference. Clicking it would
 then update the breadcrumb link. I’ve described something similar in a
 comment to [ticket:41 my ancient GlotPress ticket].
 >>As always since I’m not a coder/developer, I’m not sure if this is
 doable. It’s just an idea. Brainstorming so to say.

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