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#437: Clarify Languages vs Locales
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 GlotPress is a bit confused about Languages vs Locales. Here's a quick
 review of what GlotPress thinks so far:

 * On /projects it says "Projects by language"
 * On a project page (e.g. /projects/wp/dev) it says "Language" in the
 column header
 * /languages has the slug of "languages"
 * However on /languages, it's called "Locales and Languages"
 * Also on /languages there's a column called "Language code"
 * Selecting a language/locale from this page takes you to (for example)
 /languages/aa, which has a breadcrumb that takes you backed to /languages
 but is titled "Locales"
 * Further, editing a translation set (like at /sets/1/-edit) shows a form
 called "Locale"

 GlotPress should standardize on either "language" or "locale" as a base.
 In my opinion, it should standardize on "locale" given that's what we're
 often talking about. e.g., en-au is not a "language" but rather a

 This should be an easy fix, it's just a manner of grepping all instances
 of language and replacing them with a relevant reference to locale (or the
 other way around if that's decided).

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