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#362: Efficient project branching
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 In #65 we introduced project copying, but unfortunately this approach
 hasn’t been efficient enough for larger projects, like WordPress and
 BuddyPress. The process takes too much time and introduces too much
 repetitive data in the database.

 So, at the WCSF contributor thing, me, Japh, and Marko came up with the
 following new approach:

  * Allow an original to be part of more than one project
  * When branching a project, we don’t duplicate originals and
 translations, but just point the new project to the already existing
 originals. This is cheap.
  * As a consequence, if we change a string in the latest development
 version, the change is reflected in the stable version, too (and vice
 versa). This way we don’t need to make the change twice.
  * If an original changes, in the spirit of copy-on-write, we do not touch
 the original for other project, just for ours.

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