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#373: Reconsider translation sets
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 While working on #362, I had to decouple two main entities (originals and
 translations) from projects. The main value translation sets are bringing
 is that they couple a locale (+ variant) to a project and give us an easy
 ID to refer to.

 They also allow us to customize what locales are available to which
 projects and under what name, which we haven't used much.

 So, I want to explore what would a world without translation sets look
 like. Here is a try:

 * It will be easier for outside people to grasp the meaning of entities in
 the system. Everybody knows what a project, or a locale means. I had
 trouble explaining what a translation sets means.
 * Translations won't have a `translation_set_id`, but instead `locale` and
 `locale_variant` (formal, informal, etc.) columns. We need this anyway if
 we want to decouple translations from projects (needed for #362).
 * We didn't use them for permissions anyway, we used a combination of
 project, locale slug and locale variant (the translation set slug).
 * It won't be hard to switch glossaries to use project + locale + variant.
 * Each project page will show all locales, which can be visually annoying
 on projects with small number of locales. We can make it less annoying by
 hiding locales without translations.
 * We won't need to create translation sets for new locale or new projects.
 * It will make querying (and partitioning) things by locale much easier.
 * We won't need to sync translation sets when branching projects.

 Concerns? Holes in this idea? Any complications in sight?

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