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#367: Glossary import format does not match Google Translator Toolkit
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 The import function for the glossary requires an additional header column
 in the CSV file, even though only locale columns are supposed to be
 required, according to the instructions (to match the custom glossary
 format of Google Translate Toolkit). Apparently, pos (part of speech) is a
 secret required column for the Glotpress Glossary. Also, a 3-column CSV
 will have its third column with its corresponding values placed into the
 part of speech section of the glossary, even if the third column is not
 Without a header column in addition to locale, the imported CSV is not
 added to the glossary. With any additional third header column, the CSV is
 imported and any additional column values added to pos, meaning the
 description (Comments) could be added to Part of speech. If you use a
 description column and a pos column, the import is successful and all
 values are added to the correct fields.

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