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Sun Jul 20 22:42:31 UTC 2014

#280: Update the installation process
  Reporter:  markoheijnen  |      Owner:
      Type:  defect        |     Status:  new
  Priority:  blocker       |  Milestone:  1.0
 Component:  interface     |    Version:
Resolution:                |   Keywords:

Comment (by markoheijnen):

 You made some good progress. Next time also test the patch ;) I doesn't
 work due the fact you first create a user before creating the database

 A few other notes:
 - User creating probably should stick in gp_create_initial_contents(). Now
 it exists in multiple places.
 - Brackets around {{{__()}}} aren't needed in install.php.
 - I think we should put {{{guess_uri()}}} inside gp-includes/url.php and
 have it as the fallback value in {{{gp_url_base_root()}}}.
 - Unsure why we had <pre> for the error messages. I would love to delete
 - $action gets wrong value when you successfully installed GlotPress. It
 should be install and not upgrade.

 When CUSTOM_USER_TABLE is defined we can fallback to old behaviour.

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