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#342: Cleanup to locales.php
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Comment (by SergeyBiryukov):

 Replying to [comment:11 stuwest]:
 > updated English name and native name based on CLDR (since these are
 visible below is a list of all changes to these; most are casing where
 languages that don't capitalize the initial letters of languages names now
 follow that rule for native name)

 I'm not sure we should force lower case for native names.

 While capitalization is not required for native names when used in a
 middle of a sentence in some languages, most languages have a rule to
 start list items with a capital letter.

 See an example from Wikipedia: [attachment:342.wikipedia.png].

 We now display a similar list on installation screen:
 [attachment:342.installation.png], see #WP28577.

 If some names in that list were in lower case, it would look inconsistent
 and weird. Currently, only "čeština" and "slovenščina" are in lower case,
 and I think we should fix that for consistency.

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