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#343: Try as hard as you can contradict
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 Try as hard as you can contradict back if you fall off the wagon just jump
 back home and it's not confidential and I really should only have two
 steps one who is the way and the rest you can stay that way there's always
 a step of gaining it backbit we'd rather avoid that one uh... soul phase
 one is really strict and like you said it is hard to do she's out of the
 some of you came late which is one of my first success stories she lost
 forty pounds to lose a monroemichigan she too is sending me emails and
 lettersherbert she's no longer and diabetes medications her blood
 pressures are better in awhile bunch of other things via the first phase
 is really strict all right you have to uh... clean out your system your
 systems used a harsher beers in some means the created all over the place
 this whole inflammatory process anybody who studied medicine and heart
 disease what causes heart attacks is inflammation a plaque ruptures due to
 someinflammatory or stress processing thing with strokes uh... institute
 information having harsher there's all the time for smoking cigarettes
 uh... causes inflammation uh... if you are subject to the four weeks or
 however long you want to be uh... but it's very straight you should
 absolutely no carbohydrates rather than very complex carbswith a really
 low glycolic index uh... you can eat fat protein uh... n nine starchy
 vegetables starchy vegetables are like potatoes corn carrots um... the
 more you cook them the structure they become uh... I would prefer if you
 had healthier facts and proteins but this phase it really doesn't matter
 you can eat whatever fatty one if you want the uh... butter cheese are
 baking you know whatever fat you want you can even remember this is only
 temporary uh... so you could do that just to get by its very strict and
 it's hard to do but you can do that got to get by this artist and his face
 to this is forth rest of your life in this phase we really care what you
 actually eat because you have to eat healthy uh... so he she only healthy
 fats and we’ll go through them in a second avoid simple crabs uh... you
 lean protein he complex car she small amounts more frequently this is like
 a recurring theme I’m always gonnakeep saying this small frequent meals
 all throughout the day uh.
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