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#342: Cleanup to locales.php
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Comment (by nacin):

 First, this is great. I've been neck-deep in both this file and CLDR data
 for some time now, and it's good to see outside perspective.

 Since there is a lot of formatting churn (whitespace, ordering of
 properties, "misc cleanup," etc.), it's extremely tough to see what's
 going on. I'm working on a quick script to do actual per-property
 comparisons of what changed or was added or removed. In the meantime, some
 things I'm noticing so far:

  * We need all of the ISO codes as they are the best reference we have for
 matching an Accept-Language browser header to a corresponding WP
 translation. (I've been working on this problem as recently as this

  * As Zé has also pointed out, a lot of the native and English names have
 history, as in were requested/determined by translators. I'm fine with
 trying to move to more accepted representations, particularly in cases
 where there was no deliberate decision to deviate from that.

  * Fallback is a loaded term. CLDR's approach is highly complicated and it
 looks like it is simplified significantly here. See
 http://www.unicode.org/reports/tr35/#LanguageMatching, etc. We also have a
 need to introduce variants, such as sr_Latn and concepts like an
 "informal" German translation. See also

  * Aside from the variable syntax issues johnbillion points out, the local
 variables ("object names") *are* actually used outside the class. See
 I didn't code this, talk to Nikolay. :-)

 In general, smaller changes will definitely be easier to review. As in,
 tackling all ISO changes in one go, all fallbacks in another pass, all
 reordering at once, etc.

 Can I ask if there was some kind of impetus for this?

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