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#97: Glossary
  Reporter:  nbachiyski   |      Owner:  yoavf
      Type:  enhancement  |     Status:  assigned
  Priority:  minor        |  Milestone:  1.0
 Component:  general      |    Version:
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Comment (by yoavf):

 Progress update: I have the basics for creating a Glossary, including
 template and routes. This was the easy part, but I feel more confident now
 going on and implementing the glossary entry object. Still a lot of work
 todo for both.

 Just noting that the glossary is going to be pretty simple - there will be
 no revisions or meta data attached to a glossary/glossary entry except for
 the "last modified" date. I'm considering adding a "created by", "last
 updated by" fields as well - undecided yet. The glossary will be "view
 only" by everyone, and editable by validators.

 Note that I've already made some (minor) changes to the db schema I posted
 above, and will post an update once I think I finalized it.

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