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#204: Add support for Berber language
  Reporter:  abdessamad idrissi  |      Owner:  vanillalounge
      Type:  enhancement         |     Status:  closed
  Priority:  normal              |  Milestone:
 Component:  locale information  |    Version:  0.1
Resolution:  fixed               |   Keywords:  needs-patch

Comment (by Afersig):

 A few notes:

 - The Berber language is a set of dialects which spread over the whole
 north africa .
 - The transciption of the Berber language remains a point of disagreement
 between different actors in this field
 - The imminent researcher and linguist Salem Chaker is the only to me that
 attaches to a more global standardization that takes into account all the
 Berber language components
 - The Tifinagh IRCAM is a unilateral choice, made in haste, without
 considering Tifinaghs: Lybic , Tuareg, Tamachek , Atlas and others. He was
 chosen for ideological reasons .
 - Many writers Berber ( Moroccan , Kabyls, ... ) opted for the Latin to
 transcribe the Berber language
 - I translated many words Wordpress in Berber language (tzm-Latn)

 [Afersig: Native of Morocco (south-east): IT engineer, and author of
 several articles in IT and IT Security in Berber language (tzm-Latn)]

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