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#342: Cleanup to locales.php
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Comment (by akerbeltzalba):

 Note on fallback locales/languages: the system needs to be able to
 accommodate more than one as many languages are split across multiple
 countries, for example the fallback language for Basque (eu) could be both
 French or Spanish, in the case of Pulaar-Fulfulde (ff), it could be
 Arabic, English or French (we had that issue over on Mozilla regarding
 fallback languages for the web content).

 I admit it's a slight tangent but this issue I posted on
 selection-option?replies=1#post-2007187 - that may have been the wrong
 place about the mobile versions, sorry) I feel is also relevant here,
 since we're talking about fallback languages and stuff. This manual locale
 selection (if the larger locales are insistent on not wanting it in there)
 could be made locale dependent i.e. a manual option appears in the UI menu
 if the locale is on a 'list'?

 Sorry if you feel the second point is WAY off topic.

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