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#186: Delete translation set
  Reporter:  abdessamad idrissi  |      Owner:  somebody
      Type:  enhancement         |     Status:  new
  Priority:  major               |  Milestone:  1.0
 Component:  general             |    Version:
Resolution:                      |   Keywords:  has-patch 2nd-opinion

Comment (by vanillalounge):

 I've played around a bit with this patch. Some notes:

 * Project in {{{gp_projects}}} gets deleted.
 * Everything in {{{gp_translation_sets}}} and {{{gp_translations}}}

 Which makes me wonder if it's the right approach, or why doesn't
 everything get deleted. Since entries in {{{gp_translation_sets}}} are
 associated with a {{{project_id}}} (gone after project delete) and entries
 in {{{gp_translation}}} are associated with a {{{translation_set_id}}}, it
 looks like we're left with a bunch of "floating", unattached entries in
 both tables.

 Assuming the above approach is sound, I suggest to expand the patch to
 delete those, too.

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