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Wed Mar 13 12:22:53 UTC 2013

#234: PO exporter should not export empty plurals
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 1. Save a translation with an empty plural.
 2. Export

 This can cause a .po file to have entries like the following:

 msgid "A GlotPress"
 msgid_plural "Many GlotPresses"
 msgstr[0] "A GlotPress"
 msgstr[1] ""

 When displayed, the string will display blank rather than defaulting to
 the untranslated string because {{{translate_plural()}}} does an
 {{{isset()}}} check rather than a {{{! empty()}}} check. One solution
 would be to change the type of check in {{{translate_plural()}}}.

 I wonder if the better solution isn't simply to avoid saving the plural
 translation to the .po file if it's empty. I've attached a patch that does
 so. I believe this patch will cause the {{{isset()}}} check in
 {{{translate_plural()}}} to fail and will thus result in display of the
 untranslated plural form, which seems better than just not displaying a
 string at all.

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