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#251: Support StringArray in android xml
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Comment (by peterdekr):

 Ok, I don't understand that.

 If we give them these unique names, with a designated identifier as its
 name, like __string1 __string2, then it is clear if we are exporting, that
 those entries need to be in the same string array, isn't it?

 <string-array name="array1">
 <item>a string</item>
 <item>another string</item>

 converted to:
 "array1__string1" = "a string"
 "array1__string2" = "another string"

 And in export we check for : ends with "__string\d". If match, we keep it
 in memory while processing other items, and if all items are collected we
 generate the string-arrays and append them to the output file.

 There is no relationship except for the order of the entries and the array
 in which they belong.

 So, what am I missing here?

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