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#251: Support StringArray in android xml
 Reporter:  peterdekr  |       Type:  enhancement
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 I checked out this project on my own server today, hoping it would help me
 enable users to contribute translations for my Android apps.

 The initial import of the android strings.xml went fine. However, I wasn't
 able to import my arrays.xml with the string-arrays. Since this is quite a
 vital thing for Android devs and is used a lot I would like to request
 support for it. Without it I can't use this project.

 I expect that if the android support is a little better, a lot of android
 devs could end up using this project. There are actually no good
 translation frameworks available for Android. Most of them are garbage or
 don't work. This project has potential!

 I would love to code it myself, since I do code in Java, C# and Ruby, but
 my knowledge of PHP is non-existant. However, if it is not a priority for
 the devs, I definitely will digg into it a bit and provide some working
 code. I just want this functionality to exist!

 Example of a string-array entry:

 <string-array name="unique_array_name">
         <item>This is a string</item>
         <item>This is another string</item>
         <item>I am a string too!</item>

 Order of string items need to be preserved. These arrays are mostly used
 in combination with eachother: one array for the display values in a
 dropdownmenu, the other for the actual values.

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