[glotpress-updates] [GlotPress] #257: Notify users via email about new strings

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Tue Jul 2 07:44:04 UTC 2013

#257: Notify users via email about new strings
 Reporter:  juanramondiaz  |       Type:  enhancement
   Status:  new            |   Priority:  minor
Milestone:                 |  Component:  general
  Version:                 |   Keywords:  reporter-feedback
 I have an idea for a plugin but I don't know how to implement it (perhaps
 it's interesting to add it to the core).

 I would like to notify the users via email (¿validators, admins?) when new
 strings are added. However, I don't see any action called when the import
 is done. Any help?


 Note: I tried to post it in the GlotPress blog but I got always this
 error: "An error has occurred, your post was not posted"

Ticket URL: <http://glotpress.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/257>
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