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#198: Option to get correct file name
 Reporter:  xibe         |      Owner:  somebody
     Type:  enhancement  |     Status:  new
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Component:  general      |    Version:
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 Currently, when exporting "all current" strings from a project, the file
 name uses the GlotPress to the project (or so it seems): exporting strings
 from {{{/projects/wp/dev/de/default}}} results in {{{wp-dev-de.po}}} and
 so on.

 The issue is that it's not the correct name for use with the target tools.
 In this case, the name should be de_DE.po, just as exporting from
 {{{/projects/wp/dev/admin/pt-br/default}}} should give {{{admin-
 fr_FR.po}}} and not {{{wp-dev-admin-pt-br.po}}}.

 I think there should at least be an option for the GlotPress admin to set
 the final file name, and for the translator to choose which versions s/he

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