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#8845: Having Trouble Traveling With Bikes On Car? Here is How to Fix It
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 Do you find it a hassle to travel with bikes on your car, even if you are
 heading out for a great cycling adventure? You're not alone.

 There's nothing like getting on a bike and taking off from the front door,
 but this dream is often put on hold when faced by the time-consuming task
 of figuring out how to fit your bike onto your vehicle.

 Traveling with your bike usually requires you to find a way to fit it in
 or on top of your vehicle.

 If you’re someone who enjoys cycling, it can be both time-consuming and
 frustrating when the task at hand becomes much more than just loading up a
 car for an adventure.

 Fear not! We have some tips and tricks that can make traveling with bikes
 easier than ever before. Keep reading to learn about our top strategies
 for taking cycles along for the ride in style!

 **Get a bike rack - this will hold your bike securely**

 Storing a bike used to be a hassle, but not anymore! Getting a bike rack
 can make your life so much easier. It attaches securely to the top or back
 of your car and you can take your bike with you on any ride.

 With such a simple piece of equipment, there's no need to worry about how
 you're going to transport your bike when needed.

 Bike racks are convenient, secure and will help bring the convenience of
 taking your bicycling wherever you go. There's no better way to ensure
 that your bicycle is always close at hand and won't be damaged during

 So if you're looking for an easy way to navigate this highly active hobby,
 look into [https://goingfitunfit.com/car-racks-for-electric-bikes-
 compared/ getting yourself a bike rack] today!

 **Make sure the rack is fitted properly and secure**

 If you're having difficulty putting your bike on the car rack, there are a
 few steps you can take to make sure it's safe and secure before hitting
 the road.

 First and foremost, ensure that the rack is fitted properly. In addition
 to that, it is essential to tighten all bolts so that any jerky movement
 does not cause your bike to slip off.

 If you're concerned about how tight the bolts need to be, refer to the
 manufacturer's manual for best practice guidelines.

 With a well-fitted rack and properly tightened bolts, you'll be able to
 travel with confidence knowing your bike won't come off during transport.

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