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#8713: Group type meta is not set on group types registered in code
 Reporter:  sjregan       |      Owner:  (none)
     Type:  defect (bug)  |     Status:  new
 Priority:  normal        |  Milestone:  Awaiting Review
Component:  Groups        |    Version:  10.3.0
 Severity:  normal        |   Keywords:
 Group types may be registered in database via WP Admin (Groups -> Group
 Types), or registered via code using bp_groups_register_group_type().
 Additional options or meta-data may be associated with group types via
 'bp_get_group_type_tax_labels' and  'bp_get_type_metadata_schema' filters.

 Regardless of how the group type is registered, the meta-data may be
 edited in WP Admin.

 The group type objects returned from bp_groups_get_group_types() will have
 additional properties for the meta-data if the type has been registered in
 database via GUI, but group types registered via code will not have the
 additional object properties.

 bp_groups_get_group_types() calls bp_get_taxonomy_types(), which does
 fetch the correct meta-data for group types registered via code, however
 it does not assign the fetched values to the final group type object. It
 does set the default group type properties from the database, just not
 meta-data properties registered via filters.

 Steps to reproduce:
 * Register group type via Groups -> Group Types GUI.
 * Register another group type via bp_groups_register_group_type()
 * Add additional group type properties via 'bp_get_group_type_tax_labels'
 and 'bp_get_type_metadata_schema' filters
 * Observe both group types are visible in GUI and the additional
 properties can be saved and edited
 * Compare the differences in the properties on the objects returned by

 In the following results from bp_groups_get_group_types (), group type
 'house' is via code, and 'test' is via GUI. 'example_metadata_option' and
 'another_example_metadata_option' are custom group type meta-data.

 $types = {array} [2]
  house = {stdClass} [10]
   has_directory = "1"
   show_in_create_screen = "1"
   show_in_list = "1"
   description = "House"
   create_screen_checked = true
   labels = {array} [2]
    name = "Houses"
    singular_name = "House"
   code = true
   db_id = {int} 22
   name = "house"
   directory_slug = "house"
  test = {stdClass} [24]
   db_id = {int} 25
   labels = {array} [2]
    singular_name = "test"
    name = "tests"
   name = "test"
   has_directory = "1"
   directory_slug = "test"
   show_in_create_screen = "1"
   show_in_list = "1"
   example_metadata_option = "1"
   another_example_metadata_option = "1"

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